How does this Work?

How does MegaMoneySquares work?

You must first understand what a football squares pool is and how it works.  Click here to read article

1.  MegaMoneySquares is not just 1 squares pool but 100 squares pools run at the same time.

This allows for more prize money to be raised since there are now 10,000 squares to be sold instead of just 100!

2.  After the squares have been sold and the numbers have been drawn for the pools, another set of numbers are drawn for the Mega-Matrix which is a matrix of the 100 pools in a 10x10 grid.

3.  After the first quarter of the game has been completed, the last digits of the score will be used to identify 5 winners in every pool.  The owner of the winning square in each pool will win $350*.  The owners of the squares above, below, left, and right will win $100* each.

4.  There are now 5 winners in each pool for a total of 500 winners overall.

5.  To award the MEGA Prize Money, 1 of the 100 pools is identified by going to the Mega-Matrix and using the last digits of the score of the game to identify that pool.  For example, lets say that process will identify pool #5.  The 5 people in that pool will win the Mega-Money.  $25,000 to the $350 winner and $6,250 each to the $100 winners.


*Prize Money based on sold out pool.  Otherwises prizes are pro-rated.